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Our Services

Our bespoke research capabilities include client branded white papers, research to promote client market presence, competitor benchmarking and satisfaction research, strategy work and quantifying of business opportunities, product testing and development and lastly, market dynamics and shifting trends analysis.

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Our Reach

CoreData has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, United States and the Philippines with associates working in Colombia, Malta, Singapore and South Africa. This enables us to conduct syndicated and bespoke research projects across multiple continents and sharing insights on the financial services industry.

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Recent Research Projects

The Future of Investing
April 2017

This report analyzes US investor attitudes towards mobile investing, automated advice and the future of technological integration. CoreData surveyed 334 US investors about the future of investing in late March 2017. Survey respondents had to have at least $5,000 in net investable assets, be between the ages of 21 to 65 and own a smart device.

US Investment Outlook 2017
December 2016

Advisors expect a choppy ride in 2017 but many anticipate markets will perform favorably. This suggests advisors see investment opportunities, especially in higher risk assets, despite the turbulent environment. The data primarily used in this report comes from an October 2016 CoreData survey of 552 financial advisors.

The Fiduciary Rule
November 2016

In April of 2016, new regulation concerning permissible compensation for retirement accounts, known as the fiduciary rule, was laid out, with full adoption set for 2018. The ruling requires advisors to put the interests of their clients above their own, adhering to a fiduciary standard of advice. This report looks at the impact of the rule on advisors and how it will shape the future of advising.

Baby Boomers & Divorce
September 2016

Many individuals do not consider divorce a significant threat to retirement savings — a surprising finding given that divorced individuals have less saved in retirement than married individuals and are more likely to be bankrupt. The data referenced throughout this paper is a combination of CoreData Research calculations based on data files from various sources as well as content from other reports and surveys.