Our Expertise

CoreData Research understands the boundaries of research are limitless, and with the thirst for new research capabilities driven by customer demand, CoreData Research in recent years has begun a global expansion into the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The US division is part of the CoreData Group which also has operations in Australia, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Colombia. It also has associates working for the business in Malta, Singapore and South Africa.

The group’s expansion means CoreData Research has the capabilities and expertise to conduct syndicated and bespoke research projects on six different continents, while still maintaining the high level of technical insight and professionalism our repeat clients demand.


The team at CoreData Research understands the demand and service aspects of the financial services market.

The group conducts regular research in banking, mortgages, retail saving, pensions, asset management and the financial advisory sector.

It is continuously in the market through a mixture of constant researching, polling and mystery shopping and provides in-depth research at low cost and rapid execution.

The group builds a picture of a client’s market from hard data which allows them to make efficient decisions which will have the biggest impact for the least spend.